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amazon premium lodge

An extraordinary rainforest immersion awaits you

The idea of designing a jungle hotel in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest was based on development already built in Brazil and other countries. Based on this, we concluded that in the Lake Mamori area, there was no jungle hotel with a boutique concept. After a survey based on the traveler's evaluations specialized in this market we planned a guest profile, who loves to travel and to experience the exuberance of nature, without losing the comfort of a luxury hotel, with sustainable environments, gastronomic and cultural experiences.

Our Lodge was designed respecting the forest and it’s inhabitants. Each decoration, colors and environments were designed to awaken our guests' imagination. Our hotel offers all the comforts of home, you can be assured of an unforgettable stay
The architectural planning was inspired by local nature elements such as the typical flowers of the Amazon region that decorate the corridors, social, leisure and rest environments.
The lighting was designed to receive natural light through the glass windows, installed in the hotel's room and restaurant, according to the project's principle of sustainability and environment.

inspired by local nature elements

The front desk, the bar and the restaurant are air-conditioned with a pergola veranda and promote interaction with all the surrounding environments. The walls of some rooms will be exclusive to the art exhibitions and, if guests are interested in buying them, they will be introduced to the creator. Our goal is to boost the customer's experience of the local gastronomy, regional juices, drinks and dishes prepared by an expert chef of Amazonian cuisine.


Why to stay at Amazon Premium Lodge?

The idea to join a jungle hotel with the charm and style came from our experience with this crowd that is eager for exclusivity and comfort during their stay in the Amazon forest, but as well want to be connected to the Amazon biome.

Allow yourself to wake up with the sun's rays getting through the window of your rooms, while the sound of a bird's symphony of all shades echoes in your comfy bungalow.

Our intention is that our guests enjoy the Amazon Premium Lodge hosting style and take with them a new perception about a luxury jungle hotel. Also, take memorable experiences, a feeling of peace and coziness especially when they contemplated from their balconies, the birds singing, the nature song, the sunrise and sunset, and the wonderful regional breakfast looking up to the exuberance of the forest.